Gray Golf and Progressive Health and Fitness invites the public to a Golf Swing Analysis Party at 6 p.m. July 22 at Progressive Health and Fitness on Hilton Head Island.

Swing specialists from Gray Golf will be discussing how you can improve movement association proficiency, add more power, increase accuracy, develop consistency and fine-tune your short game.

Wake up your workout routine with triathlonsTodd Reiger was 33 years old when he had his first heart attack. Within three years, he had a second and then a third.

“I had a pretty hectic schedule,” Reiger said. “I wasn’t exercising and I wasn’t eating right. After the third heart attack, my cardiologist told me if I didn’t start taking care of myself, I was going to run out of lives, even if I had nine of them.”

Encouraged by his wife, he joined a health club and began working out regularly. But it wasn’t long before he became bored with the routine. When a trainer at the gym suggested he participate in a local triathlon, Reiger decided to give it a shot.

I have come to believe that the majority of modern day golf instruction is based primarily around instructor style preference. Jim Hardy has his own swing style, the One-Plane Swing, as do Bennett and Plummer with their Stack and Tilt. These teachers and others have studied the swing and come up with their own interpretation of how it should look, yet too much of the information peddled today is form-based rather than function-based.

In studying the top golfers of all time, no two swings are alike. Who is to say that Ben Hogan’s flat plane is better than Jack Nicklaus’ vertical arm move? Who is to say that Sam Snead’s slight over-the-top move was better than Nick Price’s drop-down transition?

beesBy Dennis Malick

Hilton Head Island pros last summer shared with us what they do to stay hydrated, especially during warmer months. (We never have hot months.)

Here’s how to find fun and adventure off the beaten course

Golf widows take heart — if you’re visiting the lowcountry april 13-19 with a fairway fanatic but couldn’t care less about the Verizon Heritage yourself, there’s plenty to see and do that doesn’t require a club or a tee time.

Here are some suggestions:

This month, Hilton Head Island’s Signature sporting event and its largest outdoor cocktail party will happen at the same time and place. The Verizon Heritage Golf Tournament, the Pga’s only stop in South Carolina, has been categorized as both. indeed, depending on who’s talking, it is.

A number of world-class golfers, including two-time winner Boo Weekley, will bring their best game for the world to watch. But many attendees will never see any golf. Most of that group won’t know the names of any of the golfers competing, some won’t know the diference between a tee and a green, and a few won’t know or care who won until long after the tartan plaid jacket has been awarded. (“What plaid jacket?” they will ask.)

But that’s OK. They go for the party, and they spend a lot of money. Harbour Town will be party central for the entire week, especially april 17-19.

Check out Monthly’s top 10 where and how kayaking guide.

Kayaking in the LowcountryIt’s time to drag the dusty kayaks out of the garage and hit the local waters. The only problem: There are so many serene settings to choose from, where should you start? A couple of local kayak specialists — north and south of Broad Creek — offer up their favorite paddling places, as well as tips to get you started this season.

  1. Broad Creek
    Carlos Chacon, the natural history manager at the Coastal Discovery Museum, puts Shelter Cove Marina at the top of his list because of its location — roughly the middle of Broad Creek. “This means that when you enter the creek, you can always choose to go against the tide and use the tide on your way back,” he said.
  2. The best paddling time
    Choose the best time of the day, week and season for the ultimate Lowcountry experience. For starters, try kayaking early in the morning for heightened bird activity and during the week when there are less boats on the water, Chacon said.

tennisProfessional Tennis Registry (PTR) $25,000 Championships were held in conjunction with the PTR International Tennis Symposium, Feb. 14-20 at PTR Headquarters on Hilton Head Island.