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Ten Boat Names and What They May Tell You About the Boat’s Owner

Boat names can reveal much about the personality, passion, or experiences of a boat owner.  This year the BoatU.S. Top Ten List of Most Popular Boat Names is particularly revealing:
1. Seas the Day:  While these boat owners may feel they have no control over their declining retirement account, they are completely in charge while boating and intend to get the most out of their boating lifestyle. (This is the sixth appearance of this name and its cousin, Carpe Diem, on the list since BoatU.S. began tracking boat names in 1991.)
2. Summer Daze:  A combination of warm weather and long days spent afloat on sunsplashed waterways may have put this boater into a dreamlike state.
3. Second Chance:  Perhaps these boat owners have had a life-changing experience and feel that their boat now gives them a second lease on life.  “Second Wind” is the sailboat equivalent.
4. Aqua-Holic:  On the Top-Ten list for the last seven years, this boat name illustrates a boater’s chronic love for the waterways.
5. Wind Seeker:  No doubt a true sailboat name for a wanderer or racer.
6. Dream Weaver: Like the 1976 Gary Wright song that muses about an escape to dreamland, this boat owner may weave memories of good days spent on the water, sheltering him from the pressures of day-to-day life.
7. Black Pearl: The name of a fast, stealthy and intimidating fictional ship from the Disney "Pirates of the Caribbean" films, this boat likely has plenty of kids aboard.
8. Hydrotherapy:  Takes into account the healing nature that boating provides this boat owner.
9. The Salt Shaker:  If you know what a “Parrot head” is, you’ll know what The Salt Shaker is for.  On a Saturday night this boat and its owner could be the most popular in the marina.
10. Sea Quest:  This boat owner likely grew up watching Jacques Cousteau TV specials and wants to explore the world with his boat.
The following names were voted by the editors of BoatU.S. Magazine to be the most humorous:
1.    What College Fund?  With three out of four boat-owning households making less than $100,000 a year, where else are you going to get the money?
2.    Stocks-N-Blonds:  Clearly someone still has a job on Wall Street.
3.    Anchor Management:  The calming effect that boating brings.
4.    Sweet Em-Ocean:  A floating love shack?
5.    Knotty Buoy:  The Johnnie Depp of boaters.
6.    Reel-e-Fish-ent:  Could teach Capt. Sig Hansen of the Discovery Channel series "Deadliest Catch" a thing or two about fishing.
7.    A-Frayed Knot:  Fearless in their ability to tie bowline.
8.    O-Sea-D:  Obsessive, compulsive, and loving the ocean.
9.    A-Loan-Again:  Either cruising for a date or has purchased their boat on credit.
10.    Really Big Car:  Small boat complex?
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