Top Father’s Day Golf Gear 2017

Give dad the gift of the game with some hot new items for this year.

If you’re reading this, odds are you either have a golfer in the family or you are the golfer in your family. If it’s the first case, and that golfer is your dad, pay attention. We’ve compiled some of the best gear you’re going to find for 2017 – gear that will improve his game or have him hitting the links in style.

If it’s the second case and you are the golfer in the family, and you happen to be the dad, feel free to surreptitiously leave the magazine laying around the house open to this page. If that’s too subtle, highlight your favorites so your family get the hint. Father’s Day is just around the corner, after all.

Callaway Big Bertha OS iron

Billed as a “super game-improvement iron,” the new Big Bertha OS iron from Callaway is a club you give to the dad that, bless his heart, tries really hard.

Built using what they call Exo-Cage technology to strategically pinpoint the weight of your dad’s awful swing, the Bertha OS offers up massive ball speed across the face in a light, extremely forgiving club. Plus, the sole of the club is weighted down using “Tungsten-Loaded Standing Wave technology” to give a little more lift to keep dad moving down the fairway.

And yeah, there may be some sticker shock here – the Big Bertha OS runs $1,099 for a steel shaft and $1,299 for a graphite shift – but it’s a small price to pay for giving your dad the gift of a better game.

Bridgestone B330-RX Balls

Bridgestone’s revolutionary B330 balls topped Golf Digest’s “Hot List” for 2017, but your dad will probably want to go with the RX version of the famed Tiger Wood ball. Built for swings slower than 150 miles an hour, the B330RX boasts stats like a 44 percent straighter and 7.4 yards longer drive than the ProV1.

Your mileage may vary, but all told for the Sunday duffer dad you’re not going to find a better ball.

Ecco G-Mac World Class Special Edition Shoes


Look, a shoe is a shoe is a shoe. Companies can tell you all they want about special force flex technology, micro-woven breathable high tech fibers and laser-precision true grip cleats.

But it’s a shoe.

If you’re going to get dad a golf shoe, why not get him one with a sense of style? Billed as a luxury golf shoe, the G-Mac is handmade by artisans at the Ecco factory in Porto, Portugal, this limited edition set of shoes celebrates “the triumph of Graeme McDowell.”

The fact that they celebrate it through ultra-premium materials and a slick high-class profile makes for a golf shoe that will let your dad make a statement.

TaylorMade M2

For most of you, the first time you heard your dad swear was on a golf course.

And for most of those dads, that was the result of an errant tee shot caused by an unforgiving driver. TaylorMade feels you dad’s pain, and has crafted a driver made for forgiveness, that never sacrifices power. Reconfigured internal geometry and a weighted crown pushes the center of gravity down, reducing spin and making this club super forgiving. At the same time, the redesigned sole helps your dad keep his drives powerful and his language clean.

Águila Golf Virtual Reality Trainer


FACT: Dads love gadgets.

ALSO FACT: Dads love anything that improves their golf game.

This bit of high tech, which stunned the crowds at the PGA Merchandise Show this year, does both. It’s VR system interacts with your phone to put your dad right on the course, letting him develop his mental game before he hits the links.

Thousands of scenarios come pre-loaded, testing on-course decision making and guiding dad through the toughest decisions in the game. All from the comfort of home.

Of course, the best golf gift you can give your dad is 18 holes of bonding time at one of our area’s courses. Why not surprise dad this Father’s Day by taking him out for a round on the links. And then, if you surprise him with some awesome gear, all the better. Just be sure you let him win. It’s Father’s Day after all.