Sports Mashup: Golf Croquet


You’ve heard of golf. You’ve heard about croquet. But what about golf croquet?

You may not have heard of it, but The Sea Pines Resort is setting the trend for this up-and coming sport, offering the game up as the newest activity in the resort’s ever-expanding roster of family-friendly activities.

The game is held on the newly enhanced lawn adjacent to the Harbour Town Clubhouse and is available for casual play, clinics and private events. This program gives guests the chance to try an introductory lesson to the game in a fun environment with professionally trained staff.

“This new amenity is a great addition to the resort,” said Rob Bender, director of recreation and marine operations. “Only steps away from the Inn & Club at Harbour Town, guests can enjoy this family-friendly game while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the golf course.”

So what exactly is golf croquet?

“Golf croquet is a form of regular croquet,” said Bender. “It is a quick game to learn.”

Golf Croquet is played between two sides — the blue and black balls versus the red and yellow balls. In singles, each player plays two balls; in doubles each player plays the same ball throughout the game.

The object is to be the first side to score seven points. A side scores a point when one of its balls is the first to pass through the next hoop in sequence. Both sides are always contesting the same hoop.

If after scoring twelve points the game is tied at six all, hoop No. 3 is contested again to break the tie.

Play is made by striking a ball with a mallet. The player who is playing a turn is called the striker, and the ball in play for that turn is the striker's ball.

Turns are played in the sequence blue, red, black, yellow. This sequence of colors is painted on the peg.

The standard court is 105' by 84' (35 yards by 28 yards). Unless short grass is available (1/4" or less), the court should be scaled down, keeping the proportions from the standard court. On ordinary grass, such as a sports field or residential lawn, 50' by 40' is a good size.

The golf croquet court at The Sea Pines Resort is on the lawn behind the first tee.

“We have run several clinics and have had strong participation,”  he said.  “It is a great sport for any age, young and old. It is a great equalizer between kids and their grandparents.”

He said all guests of the resort are welcome and it is a nice offering, particularly for visiting families with children. Better yet, it’s free for casual play.

Bender said the golf croquet program is also popular with wedding guests who stay at the resort.