Minimum air time, maximum ground time.

Minimum air time, maximum ground time.Chipping can also be described as a glorified putt, with a lofted club.

The goal of chipping is to strike the ball solidly to your specific target (your target should be approximately 1-2 paces on the green, regardless of the length you are from the hole) and get it to roll farther than it carries in the air, (ex. a pitching wedge will have an approx. ratio of 1 part carry and 1 part roll; a 7 iron however, will have an approx. ratio of 1 part carry and 4 parts roll).

The motion is a simple one similar to putting, in that there are few moving parts.

Another similarity to putting is that we set up (address position) in an impact position.

Set up

  1. Ground the club-head behind the
  2. Elevate the grip 4 inches and move the grip forward 4 inches. Elevating the grip 4 inches mimics the putters more vertical set up, it also gets the heel of the clubhead off the ground which helps reduce digging through impact. Moving the grip forward 4 inches leans the grip end toward the target and encourages a downward strike to the ball through impact. This set up positions the hands in front of the clubhead and at impact they should still be in their forward position.
  3. Establish your posture to the ball with a fairly narrow stance; the stance can also be slightly open with the weight gently favoring the front foot.
  4. Stand to the handle — the butt of the club should point just forward of the center of the body The ball should be positioned just behind the center of body.
  5. Grip — The vertical shaft at address will promote that you grip down on the club, and will also promote the club being more in the palms, (i.e. putting grip) this will help in taking the usually very active wrists out of the shot. (See the thumbs pointing straight down to ground)
  6. Swing – The motion is led by the shoulders and arms with very little, if any wrist movement. There is no weight shift on the back swing. The forward swing is accomplished by the body turning or pivoting toward the target. This body motion toward the target will promote an accelerating stroke with the hands leading the clubhead, helping you strike down and through the golf ball.

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