Lynne Anderson


Question. What is the most significant accomplishment of your career thus far?

Answer. Never giving up. I've experienced some serious adversity in my business and personal life. Hasn't everyone? Complacency was not an option. What could have been a scary time became an amazing opportunity. I feel like I take that energy, enthusiasm and work ethic to my clients. And I hope I've taught that to my four children.

Q. What has your work taught you about leadership?

A. One of my main jobs is to share this amazing island with interesting people from all around the world. I so dig that!  When someone new from somewhere else decides to invest hundreds of thousands — and often millions — of dollars on an island they know very little about, all based on your leadership and recommendations, you'd better be good at what you do. They need an honest, confident, energetic resource. A Realtor who shares their vision and can deliver their dream. That's me.

Q. How did you get where you are today, and who/what helped you along the way?

A. I learn something new from almost everyone I meet, every day. My high school guidance counselor gave me job at 15 and helped me with an academic scholarship. My father was a brilliant, fun-loving hard-ass who wouldn't accept a B. My bad bosses and memorable clients over the years in real estate, resort marketing and advertising communications all offered invaluable lessons, with the right perspective. Importantly, my Sea Pines Real Estate at the Beach Club partners welcomed me to their highly respected and experienced team with great faith. So for me, the question should be, who hasn't helped me along the way?



32 Greenwood Dr, Hilton Head Island