Got Metal?


You’ve seen the shirts. They’re everywhere. Stamped across the front: “Got Metal?” Across the back is the stylish, angular logo of 4M Metals. When it comes to popular T-shirts, it’s second only to the brightly colored shirts for a certain canine-based seafood restaurant. As far as getting the 4M Metals name out, it’s a stroke of marketing genius. 

But that’s hardly surprising, given the marketing background of 4M Metals co-owner Tricia Michael. In addition to handling marketing, she is one of the four Ms of the company — along with husband Chad and daughters Taylor and Camryn.

“We go through T-shirts and hats,” Tricia said. “If you buy a roof, we feel like you should get something. But we just started seeing them all over the place.”

4M Metals is the company behind the metal roof that has become part of the Lowcountry aesthetic — a trend that’s currently sweeping the architectural world beyond the borders of Beaufort County, keeping the company busy.

“Something is going on these days. Construction is crazy,” Tricia said. “You’re seeing homes going up, schools going up. It’s just exploded.”

— Tricia Michael

4M Metal2

That’s great news for the family company whose claim to fame is the fabrication of the style of roof that is filling the pages of Good Housekeeping and Architectural Digest. When HGTV crafted its dream house in Palmetto Bluff, builders turned to 4M Metals for the authentic Lowcountry look of its 5V crimp roof. On nearly every new building you see, you’ll find 4M Metals’ unique stamp right on top.

“We can do any custom piece you can think of, but our bread and butter is metal roofing,” Tricia said. “What sets us apart is the timeframe. People can’t believe how fast we turn a roof around.”

Part of the quick turnaround comes from the racks upon racks of steel, aluminum, copper and galvalume stored in rolls and spools in the company’s warehouse. Part of that comes from the high-tech equipment the company employs in custom crafting each roof panel, piece of flashing, chimney cap and windscreen.

“It’s going right from the machine to your roof,” Tricia said. “It’s not the old-fashioned braking systems. This is a sophisticated computerized system for braking and cutting so we can make sure everything is accurate.”

And accuracy is critical to the team at 4M. “We stress ourselves out to make everything perfect,” Tricia said.

Complementing this high-tech machinery is a crew of seven skilled craftsmen representing more than 50 years of experience in metalworking and roof fabrication.

“Everyone has their own talent back there,” Tricia said. “One guy specializes in panels, one guy does flashing and custom items … they’re amazing.”

The result is an array of outstanding metal goods from rooftops to range hoods, copper accents to chimney caps, created right here in the Lowcountry and defining a look that has turned out to be one of our hottest exports.

“Every order we do is a custom order,” Tricia. “Just without the custom price.”

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