Leading men


By Barry Kaufman | Photo by Rob Kaufman

The Island Rec Center has been keeping our community active and involved since 1984. As it moves into the future, a trio of new faces will be guiding it. Chuck Mullen, Recreation and Operations Superintendent, joined in late August. “What stands out to me is the commitment to having top-notch facilities and staff who are committed to providing a well-rounded, positive recreational experience,” he said.


By Barry Kaufman | Photo by Rob Kaufman

As the local chapter of a national group who are teaching students valuable life skills through the game of golf, First Tee – The Lowcountry is changing lives in the Lowcountry. In schools or at their gorgeous Gumtree Road facility, First Tee instructors pair top-notch golf education with a focus on life skills and values. Leading the charge are the Leading Men of First Tee – The Lowcountry.


By Barry Kaufman | Photo by Ritterbeck Photography

The field of information technology changes by the second, with the release of each new bit of hardware or software and with the advancement of new online threats. Staying on top of these developments takes dedication, something that Brian Blount of Carolina IT knows all about.


By Barry Kaufman | Photo by Rob Kaufman

The hallmark of a good leading man is that he never stops moving forward. As owner of Avocado Bikes, the ingenious e-bike rental service employed by hospitality firms up and down the east coast, Ken Fagut exemplifies that quality. Not only is he a dedicated cyclist, riding his first 100-miler at age 13, he also has kept his Hilton Head Island-based business moving forward despite the odds.


By Barry Kaufman | Photo by Rob Kaufman

It may be Ken Ballard’s name on the door, but don’t try to tell his bulldog, Beignet Bouchee that Kenny B is the leading man at the restaurant. “We picked him up from New Orleans back in 2017,” said Ballard. “People ask me why I love Georgia football so much, it’s because I love the dog.”


By Barry Kaufman | Photo by Ritterbeck Photography

While it might be his name at the top of this profile, Bob Engler wants to be very clear on one point: when it comes to his business, Budget Blinds, there is no leading men. It’s a highly organized, tightly orchestrated group effort executed by a staff he trusts.


By Barry Kaufman | Photo by Rob Kaufman

There is no replacement for the comfort and dignity of quality hospice care when a loved one is facing the end. For more than 40 years, Hospice Care of the Lowcountry has been carrying the banner of excellence in Beaufort and Jasper counties. This independent, community-based, non-profit organization has not only given countless families the compassion they need at a time they need it most, they’ve also established themselves as an integral part of our community.


By Barry Kaufman | Photo by Rob Kaufman

Since 1987, StoneWorks has set the standard for dazzling stone countertops, bathrooms, and even outdoor kitchens in the Lowcountry, sourcing only the most stunning raw materials and crafting it with the skilled touch of a true artisan. As the founder of StoneWorks, John Baltzegar, III built his company from the ground up, making sales calls during the day before spending his nights in the shop. These days, there are fewer late nights thanks to a staff of dozens of the Lowcountry’s finest professionals.


By Barry Kaufman | Photos by Ritterbeck Photography

Throughout the modern history of Hilton Head Island, we’ve witnessed plenty of changes. The small, sleepy resort town at the edge of the map has blossomed into a fully-fledged hometown with a thriving sense of community and a booming population.


By Barry Kaufman | Photo by Ritterbeck Photography

For the extremely affluent business owner and their family, preserving assets means forming a team of accountants, investment managers and estate planners, all working for the sole benefit of the family’s interests. Under Alliance Global Partners, this same service, once reserved for the global elite, is available to successful entrepreneurs and affluent families.