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For businesses big and small, their brand is their business and protecting it is paramount. As an intellectual property lawyer with Belzer PC, Michael Cerrati is tasked with ensuring these trademarks and copyrights are protected across a number of industries. For the intellectually curious Cerrati, it’s a dream job.

“It’s interesting because I’m not just dealing with one kind of client,” he said. “I can find out what makes each business unique and what makes each stand out against their competitors. I like working with creative types, whether they’re business owners or marketers, because I’m like the guy who really likes music but can’t play the guitar well.”

He may not play guitar, but when it comes to intellectual property law he’s practically Hendrix. From his Hilton Head Island office, Cerrati works with companies around the world to protect their intellectual property. At the heart of his practice is the bond he forges with each client.

“There are other people who do what I do, but I’m able to make good connections with my clients,” he said. “I have clients who have been with me for the past 13 years because we have formed relationships that go beyond the legal work I’m doing for them. My ability to, in a sense, become a part of my clients’ team, has been a key factor in my success.”

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