Distinctive Granite and Marble has cultivated a 28-year-long reputation for quality and service, producing exquisite products for homes and businesses across the Lowcountry since 1994. While it was founder John Antunes whose vision created DGM, it is the talented staff including its two leading ladies pictured here who are carrying that reputation for excellence into the future.

Chief Operating Officer Andrea McGilton and Office Manager Kristina Russo not only handle all of DGM’s commercial jobs from initial bids through installation, but they are also problem solvers extraordinaire.

“While we have our own jobs and responsibilities, together we also cover a wide range of job titles,” said McGilton. That responsibility runs the gamut from new hire training, selecting vendors, accounting, scheduling, quality control (and sometimes damage control) to purchasing parts for all the machinery.

“This particular job has become so much more fun lately with supply chain issues and price inflations across the board,” said McGilton with deadpan humor. Thankfully, DGM has these two to ensure everything remains stocked. You’ll find this dynamic duo’s metaphorical fingerprints on every job, their unyielding work ethic informing every amazing installation.

Checking everything as it comes in, keeping your project running smoothly and handling every detail is what makes these two such a vital part of what makes DGM the Lowcountry’s favorite choice for fabricated materials that create eye-catching spaces.

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