LEADING LADIES: Drs. Katherine Hamlet & Jeanice Lane

Carolina Veterinary Critical Care

Any pet owner will tell you that by and large your furry friends don’t spend too much time worrying about your schedule. And we all know emergencies can happen at a moment’s notice, anytime day or night. So when there’s an emergency involving your pet, it almost never strikes during normal business hours.

That’s what Carolina Veterinary Critical Care is here for, offering true 24/7 emergency veterinary service under the care of seasoned professionals. As the leading ladies of the clinic, Drs. Katherine Hamlet and Jeanice Lane are on the front lines, helping save the lives of our best friends and offering hope at all hours. 

“Every night here is definitely something different,” said Hamlet. “No one plans to end up in the ER, so being part of the process of helping alleviate that stress… I like that aspect.”

The daughter of U.S. Army nurses, Hamlet grew up in medicine but discovered along her path that she truly enjoyed working with animals. Her veterinary career blossomed, bringing her to the Lowcountry in 2014. 

Lane was similarly inspired as a child, by her veterinarian mother. “I’ve always looked up to her,” she said. “I started out by volunteering in her practice and worked up to assistant before going off to school for it. I’m thrilled to have followed her.”

As the leading ladies of Carolina Veterinary Critical Care, both bring compassionate treatment to pet owners in their darkest hour. Whatever hour that may be.

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