The human residents of the Lowcountry are famous for the love and care we show our pets. So, you know we know exactly where to take our furry companions to keep them healthy and vibrant. For decades Coastal Veterinary Clinic has shown the area’s pets just as much love as we do, guiding them to better health with care and expertise.

Dr. Michelle Martin had pursued a career in retail and fashion in her younger years, finding her calling in veterinary medicine when she discovered the joy of helping people through helping their animals. Specifically, she draws the most joy out of her work with cats. “They’re kind of treated secondary sometimes. I’m getting people in the vet world to treat cats gently and let them express their natural behaviors,” she said. 

Dr. Molly Spears shares her home with both cats and dogs, but at heart considers herself more of a dog person. And while she sees plenty of both at the clinic, it’s the unpredictable nature of veterinary medicine she enjoys most. “I think the thing that makes me most passionate is the fact that it’s different every day. Every day is a new challenge,” she said. 

Kasey Lawrence came to the clinic through auspicious circumstances, having started her career working for lead vet Dr. Ben Parker’s mentor, Dr. Larry Watts. 

As the head technician at Coastal Veterinary Clinic and the resident “cat whisperer,” Kasey finds fulfillment in the vital work she and her colleagues perform. “The patients can’t tell you what is wrong,” she said, “so when you make them feel better, it gives me joy.”

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