The Leading Ladies of Oak Advisors, LLC


Oak Advisors, LLC built their reputation on their personable service and thorough attention to detail when it comes to pro-tecting their clients’ financial interests. We talked to a few of their leading ladies about the business.

Q: What advice would you give to anyone starting out in your business?
A: Michelle Myhre, CFP® and managing partner: The investment management field requires endurance, strong lead-ership and the ability to make sound decisions in the midst of an ever-chang-ing environment. It is a fast-paced field with a need to constantly monitor eco-nomic, political and world events. Trust is extremely important so act with honesty and integrity. Also, be a very good lis-tener so you can truly understand others to better help them. By starting my morn-ings with prayer, God has enabled me to meet all my daily demands.

Heidi Yoshida, CFP® and client service advisor: The most important advice I would give someone starting out in the world of investment advising would be to maintain a positive attitude. While working with clients we utilize a broad range of skills from listening and commu-nicating to analyzing data and calculating returns. A client will notice your atti-tude right away, make sure it is positive even if they interrupt you in the middle of a complicated task. Think of your client interactions as a chance to improve some-one’s day. Try to change problems into opportunities to use your skills and have fun doing it.

Q: Were there any mentors you looked to as you started out?
A: Carman Franklin, client service advi-sor: I attribute much of my early success to the mentorship I received at Clemson University. I was fortunate to have an academic advisor, Josh Harris, who really took the time to invest in his students and the future of the financial planning pro-fession. From helping me navigate job opportunities to giving advice on how to prepare for the CFP exam, I am very thankful for all of his guidance. Mr. Harris helped prepare me for my first job where I am fortunate to work with a group of people who I learn from every day.

Photo: Left to Right: Carman Franklin, Michelle Myhre, CFP®, Heidi Yoshida, CFP®

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