SERG Group’s Leading Lady


As an organization, SERG Group is no stranger to elevating women to posi-tions of leadership. Across the board, in nearly every capacity, you’ll find a woman helping create the dining experience that has made SERG Group successful. One such example is Lori Taylor, who led the charge into Bluffton with the opening of Giuseppi’s Pizza and Pasta Bluffton and has been a mainstay ever since.

Q: Who were your big supporters start-ing out?
A: Looking back to 23 years ago, my biggest supporters were my brother, Anthony Arcuri, and my partner, Steve Carb. And of course my hus-band Jamie, who is my hidden strength and head chef, at Giuseppi’s. They all encouraged me to operate at my best, which made me rise up and achieve more than what I thought I was capa-ble of doing.

Q: What challenges does a woman face in the restaurant industry?
A: I think the term work-life balance, to describe the challenges of women, can be worded differently. Every working woman, with children, has various demands that touch up against each other. You can’t think of it as a balancing scale. Some days you will have it all together and other days, you simply won’t, and that’s okay! For me, it was learning to be present at the times, when it matters the most. Some days it will be work and other days it will be home.

Q: Being part of the organization as it has grown, how has your role evolved?
A: Being a part of an amazing organi-zation, that has had such growth and success, has made me realize how blessed we are to be in business for 35 years. It is not necessarily evolving personally, it has very much to do with the people you are surrounded by, who help you run it. It is important for me to stay true to our core values, so we are able to continually serve our cus-tomers for many generations to come. 

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