The Leading Lady of San Miguel’s


Maryanne LaskowitzSan Miguel’s is famous for its margaritas and Mexi-Cali favorites, but it’s equally famous for its friendly staff. Owner Maryanne Laskowitz knows this very well, and wanted to introduce you to some of the restaurant’s leading ladies.

Q: Who were your mentors when you first transitioned into a restaurateur career?
A: The people I worked with in the early days were mentors. I learned all about food & beverage from working with some amazing people who were happy to teach me their particular skills.

Q: How much does it mean to you to have so many long-time employees on your team?
A: It means everything to me to have employees that have worked with me for so long. We have consis-tently spent so much time together through the years. I sometimes think we spend more time together than some families do and that means a lot to me.

Q: Beyond your team, who have been your biggest supporters?
A: The biggest supporters are my family and all of the wonderful customers that have been coming to San Miguel’s for years. My husband is very in tune with what is happening at the restaurant and is always sup-portive. My family has always helped to make sure I’ve been able to spend much needed time with them while simultaneously working at and running the restaurant. Our customers have always been incred-ibly supportive. We have a wonderful crowd that comes in frequently and repeat customers that come every time they’re in town.

Q: What advice would you give to anyone starting out in your industry?
A: I believe anyone starting out in a business need to be truly “present” in what they do. Understand and have at least a rudimentary knowledge of all the posi-tions in the business, engage with all of the people in your world and keep yourself in the loop. Enjoying the interaction and paying attention all help keep me in the “present” when I’m at work.

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