The Leading Lady of Everlasting Memories


Sarah WrightSarah Wright came to the Lowcountry from Tennessee, and has made her mark on the Lowcountry by creat-ing some of its most memorable events. Her business, Everlasting Memories, runs the gamut from weddings to corporate events, adding flair to each and giving clients peace of mind that their day will be spectac-ular. We picked her brain to see what it’s like being a woman in her field.

Q: How long have you been in business?
A: I started the company in 2008

Q: Who have been your big supporters?
A: My biggest supporters are my husband, Clifford Wright and lead coordinator, Amanda McIntyre. My husband is constantly challenging me to do more, and Amanda is always there to cheer me on.

Q: While there’s no “magic pill” for success, what do you think has been the single most important thing for yours?
A: The most important thing for me is my dedication and persistence.

Q: What advice would you give to anyone starting out in your business?
A: Be persistent, never give up, and always do your best!

Q: What type of events do you plan?
A: We plan weddings and corporate events. Everything from a two-person elopement to a 500-guest wedding, grand opening, cocktail party or a large multiple-day festival.

Q: Unlike some industries, event planning does seem to be predominately female-led. Why do you suppose that is?
A: A good event planner, whether its an intimate wedding or a huge corporate event, needs to be organized, creative and able to multi-task to the extreme. It’s about lining up all the little details to make dreams into reality, and these are skillsets that women just tend to gravitate toward.

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