The Leading Ladies of Heritage Fine Jewelry



When Patti Catalano brought her business, Heritage Fine Jewelry, to Hilton Head 30 years ago, she launched a family legacy. Today, her sons, as well as daughter Jennifer Lance, join her in a business that has consistently raised the bar for exqui-site jewelry on Hilton Head Island. 

Q: What challenges did you face as a woman opening a jewelry store?
A: Funds were low! I started my first jewelry store with $2,500 and couldn’t even afford a commercial phone line for the first few months. Finding a lady jeweler behind the bench, actually making and repair-ing the jewelry, was pretty unheard of so there were lots of cases where people would come in and ask to speak with the jeweler. When they found out that was me, they were pretty surprised. Needless to say, that has changed drastically and now some of the best jewelry makers/designers are women. It’s great to see that progress.

Q: Who were your big supporters?
A: I had the support of my mom and dad who encouraged me to follow my dreams, but I had to do it on my own. There was no financial help from them, just good old-fashioned advice about business and life. They always said that whatever money I made that didn’t need to go to every-day living, I needed to put back into the business. I’ve always done that and am so blessed by how far we’ve come.

Q: While there’s no “magic pill” for success, what do you think has been the single most important thing for yours?
A: Customer service is really the key. I have always strived to make sure my customers know that they are being treated fairly. Honesty and integrity are huge in this business and if there is no trust, there is no business. I’ve made sure to instill in my kids how important this is and now I get to watch them carry on those values.

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