The Leading Ladies of Kelly Caron Designs


Since opening up her own boutique design studio in Bluffton five years ago, Kelly Caron has been at the vanguard of the Lowcountry look, creating some of the most dazzling interiors in the South. We caught up with her to get a few tricks of the trade.

Q: Were there any mentors you looked to as you started out?
A: Most of my mentors are not directly related to interior design. There were other business owners and individuals who could give me positive advice on what to do and not do as a young busi-nessperson. I also have a dad who has several businesses and he gave me very wise advice on getting loans, employ-ees, and how to navigate starting my own business.

Q: Who were your big supporters?
A: My parents, my family, friends and other builders and architects. I also, very thankfully, had clients from my past work experience stay with me as their designer, which I am very thankful for! I joined a BNI group that introduced me to trades and other business professionals who did net-work beyond what I would normally have done without the group.

Q: To what do you credit your studio’s success?
A: I work very hard on everything I do. I wake up ready to work, and I hon-estly love what I do every day! Every milestone of growth was also a push to keep working hard. I also have a fan-tastic design team behind me and our day to day work.

Q: What advice would you give to anyone starting out in your business?
A: You have to work very hard and smart. Throw 9-5 work time out the window! Do not be afraid to cold call or write an email reaching out to people for business. Invest in adver-tisement in a smart way. Get noticed on social media. Be positive and keep trying even if there are roadblocks along the way. Don’t give up!

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