Town of Bluffton Damage Assessment Process

The Town of Bluffton’s Building and Safety Staff recently completed the damage assessment of structures following Hurricane Matthew.

Residents may notice either a green, yellow or red placard posted on their property by Town Staff.  If no placard is posted on the property, that indicates there was either no damage, or very minor damage visible at the time of the inspection.  A green placard indicates some minor damage was observed, and a permit is not necessary for the minor repairs to be corrected immediately.  Minor repairs may include broken windows, damaged railings or missing siding. 

Yellow or red placards indicate more serious damage has occurred to the property.  In this case, more detailed information concerning necessary repairs will be included on yellow and red placards.

Although a permit is required for the majority of the repairs to homes marked by yellow or red placards, the emergency permitting process is modified from the standard procedures.  As long as the repairs are ‘like for like,’ replacing and repairing to the pre-storm condition, the process is relatively simple. Residents are encouraged to bring pre-storm photos, as-built drawings and previously approved plans or permits with them when applying for emergency permits.  Having these items available at the time of application may expedite the process.

Residents may confirm their property’s inspection status, or have their questions answered by contacting the Town’s Growth Management Department at (843) 706-4592.  Additionally, questions or comments may also be submitted to the Director of Growth Management, Heather Colin, at 843-540-6946 or via email to