District schools earn high marks

The SC Department of Education and the SC Education Oversight Committee released the 2022 School Report Cards with ratings of Excellent, Good, Average, Below Average, and Unsatisfactory. District schools at the elementary level that received an Excellent rating are Beaufort, Coosa, Okatie, and Red Cedar. Schools rated Excellent at the middle school level were H.E. McCracken and River Ridge Academy.

Bluffton High School also received this top rating. A Good was earned by Bluffton Elementary, Michael C. Riley, Port Royal, Pritchardville, and River Ridge Academy. Schools rated as Good at the middle school level were Bluffton Middle and Riverview. Hilton Head Island and May River high schools were also designated with a Good rating. For more information, see the SCDE’s Report Card release at: https://ed.sc.gov/newsroom/news-releases/south-carolina-2022-report-cards.