Throughout this eco-geeked-out section you’ll find earth-friendly amazement.

greenseapines_0312The world’s first eco-friendly resort is returning to Earth-friendly form, thanks to a man called “the green wacko.”

retroillustration_0312Sustainability Advisory Committee members pick up the torch of Hilton Head Island’s eco-outlook.

solarheater_0312Hilton Head entrepreneur has a better solution for solar water heating.


greenintro_0312Green is not just a movement. It’s not just a label. It’s not just a way of life. It’s a way forward.

The tradition of buying the Christmas tree is nearly as strong as the tradition of decorating the Christmas tree. Year after year, many families turn to the same corner stand or tree farm to grab their yuletide tree and kick off their holiday season.

oct_11_family_promise“Couch surfing” might seem like a free-spirited way to live when you’re a young adult, crashing with friends and relatives instead of settling down and signing a lease.

Good evening, and welcome to a trio of terrifying tales of the Lowcountry that will set your hair on end and make you think twice about stepping outside on a dark night. I am your host, William Baynard, one-time plantation owner and now, since my death in 1849, permanent resident of Hilton Head Island.


Dennis Gage really doesn’t like the name of his popular television show, “My Classic Car.” To him, it’s a misnomer. Taken literally, a classic car is post-World War I, pre-World War II. That leaves out a slew of collectibles, including the 1965 Mustang, 1957 Chevrolet and 1959 Cadillac.

Even if you’ve never practiced yourself, you’ve probably encountered yoga in gossip magazines, occasional studio visits or in the movies. But have you tried yoga?

Yoga’s potential health benefits can include stress reduction, increased fitness, weight loss and management of chronic health conditions. Yet the practice still holds the perception of being too New Age-y; a recent survey by the international professional organization Yoga Alliance found three particular misconceptions kept people from enjoying the mind-body connection yoga provides.