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TRIVIA: How Well Do You Know The Lowcountry?

triviaSo, you think you’re an expert on the Lowcountry, huh? Do you know the original name of Bluffton? Without looking, can you say which color lines the bottom of the Harbour Town Lighthouse? Can you name the restaurant that once anchored the patch of empty land on the northern intersection of Shelter Cove Lane and William Hilton Parkway? 

We’re testing your knowledge of all things local, from history to science to the arts, in a familiar format that, for legal purposes, has nothing to do with Trivial Pursuit.

After all, this is the area we love, the place we call home. There’s nothing trivial about it.

So if you have what it takes, make your way through our trivia challenge and let us know how you did. And in case we’ve already stumped you: Kirk’s Bluff, white and Cracker Barrel.

Good luck!


Question: Built in 1846, the mausoleum at Zion Chapel of Ease Cemetery bears what family name?

Answer: Baynard

Q: What is the historical name of the building now home to Bluffton’s Al-Harry Furniture Design?

A: Planter’s Mercantile

Q: What was the name of the ship captained by William Hilton when he discovered Hilton Head Island?

A: Adventure

Q: How many houses survived the Burning of Bluffton in June 1863?

A: Eight

Q: How many countries’ flags have flown over Port Royal?

A: Seven


Q: Hilton Head Island was the site of one of the first games of what sport ever played outside of New York, where it was invented?

A: Baseball

Q: Local tennis legend Stan Smith had what named after him in 1971?

A: A shoe

Q: What golf legend won the very first Heritage golf tournament?

A: Arnold Palmer

Q: What was the last year the Family Circle Tennis Tournament was held on Hilton Head?

A: 2000

Q: How many golf courses are there on Hilton Head Island?

A: 24


Q: What local musician has been performing under the Liberty Oak for 40 years?

A: Gregg Russell

Q: Cranford Hollow changed its name a few years ago to avoid confusion with what Irish band?

A: Mumford and Sons

Q: The Arts Center of Coastal Carolina opened with what name?

A: Self Family Arts Center

Q: The Hilton Head Symphony Orchestra has how many members?

A: 70

Q: Jevon Daly and Jos Vicars perform locally under what mythically delicious name?

A: Unicorn Meat


Q: Calibogue Sound is the site of the largest breeding ground on the East Coast for what animal?

A: Sharks

Q: What is the name of the inland waterway that stretches from the Sea Pines Forest Preserve through Compass Rose Park?

A: Boggy Gut

Q: How many miles of beaches does Hilton Head Island offer?

A: 12

Q: How much of Beaufort County is considered salt marsh: Under 10 percent, 10-20 percent or 20-30 percent?

A: 20-30 percent. 26 to be exact

Q: Rephrase to say “What was the last hurricane cause significant damage in Beaufort County?

A: Hugo, 1989