Consult the Experts: Hey, bartender! Jodi Bassani and the scene at the Quarterdeck

Jodi BassaniFor the past 10 years — four of them at the Quarterdeck — Jodi Bassani has worked directly in the heart of the Heritage. Bassani isn’t much of a golf fan herself, but she’s probably served some of the game’s most famous players — although it’s hard to know for sure, since she rarely has a free second to look up long enough to see who she’s serving. This year the Quarterdeck will be staffed as usual: four bartenders at the main bar and two at outside bar, with portable bars on the patio and a handful of servers walking around to handle demand. Bassani talked about what it’s like trying to hold down the fort amid patrons hopped up on golf buzz, and how crazy the scene could be if people think this year will be the Heritage’s last.

Q. What’s the busiest night of the Heritage?
A. Friday and Saturday. It’s just insane down there — the patio is full, the entire inside bar is full and there are people everywhere.

Q: What’s the most common drink order?
A. We’re in the Jager bomb and vodka-and-Red Bull weeds for four days. For some reason during Heritage, it’s just those two everywhere.

Q: Does that mean it gets rowdy?
A. The managers have to walk around and take care of people. I’m 120 pounds. I’m not going to take on a 200-pound man. There are some fights.

Q: How long does it take to clean up at the end of the night?
A. If we close the bar at 2 a.m., we probably leave between 4 and 5. We have pages and pages on the computer of open tabs that we have to go through. On Sunday, we get out a little bit earlier, and some of us go to Wild Wing or Mellow Mushroom.

Q: What do the people from out of town ask about?
A. They don’t really. They just try to kind of hit on you. We’re just so busy that you really don’t have a chance to try to carry on a conversation with anyone.

Q: Are people worried the tournament might not return?
A. Because people think it might be the last year, we might be even busier. If people are thinking it’s going to be the last tournament, they’re going to want to go all out.

Q: Do you feel prepared?
A. The only way I can explain Heritage is that it’s controlled chaos. It’s a crazy, crazy fun week. We look forward to it, and we look forward to it ending.