Worth the weight: “Biggest Loser” winner Patrick House starts over in the Lowcountry

Reality winner Patrick House on starting his new life in the LowcountryReality winner Patrick House on starting his new life in the Lowcountry

Even before the confetti fell on Patrick House’s victory celebration on “The Biggest Loser,” he already knew his new life would start in the Lowcountry. The Mississippi native won the 10th season of the NBC reality show in December by losing 181 pounds — 45 percent of the body weight from his original 400-pound frame.

But the show was about more than that: Its theme was “pay it forward,” and House is doing so at the MindStream Academy in Bluffton, where he serves as fitness coach. “We are making uge differences in kids’ lives,” says House, who has already settled with his family in Bluffton. House says he was quick to fall in love with the Lowcountry lifestyle. “My wife, family and I have been really blessed with the hospitality we have been shown,” he says. And thanks to his newly trim frame, he’s looking forward to trying out such iconic Lowcountry activities as wave runners and offshore fishing. “Now that I am at a healthy weight, I can actually do those things with my wife,” he says.

But House knows that his biggest challenge in the coming year will be keeping the weight off. “So many people struggle with putting the weight back on,” he says. “I can’t be a role model or mentor for these kids if I’m 350 pounds again. I’ve got it off — now I am gonna keep it off.”

House’s Fitness Tips

  • Keep a food journal: House says he diligently maintained an accurate record of his calorie intake.
  • Control your portions: As long as you’re exercising and eating healthy, it’s OK to indulge — in moderation.
  • Keep moving: Carve out time to get that exercise in.