Keystones of storage


Some might think that closets are an afterthought in a home’s interior design. It really shouldn’t be, and it really isn’t.

The function of closets at all price points in the market focuses on organization, accessibility and complimentary décor. Whether it’s a walk-in or a reach-in, closets perform a critical function that makes everyday life for Lowcountry residents easier.

“I would say the lion’s share of our customers want a functional closet that helps organize their lives,” said Bryan Mudrak, owner of More Space Place in Bluffton.


This applies to closets in master suites, guest bedrooms, laundry rooms, kitchen pantries and wherever else storage space is needed.

“Functionality is the keystone of storage,” said Nancy Schmitz, owner of N.A. Schmitz Design Group on Hilton Head and co-owner of Signature Closets of the Low Country with her husband, Frank Corn, in Bluffton. “Organize is the new black.”

Mudrak described how he works with clients, which is common in the business:

  • In-home consultation
  • Measure the entire room
  • Measure the garments (“key element”)
  • Measure from top of hangar to bottom of garments
  • Take an inventory count of folding goods, shoes, linens, out-of-season wear, etc.
  • Determine styling of colors, accessories, finishes,

“People want to have things at their fingertips, pull out bars and different options in their closets,” Schmitz said.


Their showrooms play a major role in selections because all elements of the closet are on display to see, touch and feel. It’s a tactile experience that provides a comfortable hands-on.

“Some people are looking for functional closets, some are of looking for more design elements,” Mudrak said. “The style of the draw fronts, the color of the board, the additional accessories in lights to dress it up has always been in play. Now, it just a broader selection of accessory items over the years that has expanded tremendously and gives more options.”

Mudrak mentioned that when he opened his business in 2003, there were nine colors on the market to choose from. Now there are 33.

Both companies design and build custom closets on-site.


Master suite closets command the most attention and can feature:

Double dressers for him and her; a center island to lay out clothing; furniture like ottomans to relax; a weathered barn door for a rustic look and access.

“We build in a lot more furniture in the closets…it coordinates with the suite,” Schmitz said.

“When we design our system, we want to make sure the garments fit nice and neat in their space,” Mudrak said. “Each section we design for hanging has to accommodate those garments.”

“Everybody doesn’t have enough storage,” Schmitz said. “The average person spends a half day looking for things all over the house.


“People are very particular about master closets…when things are a mish mosh and you can’t find things, you waste a lot of time. This way you can have a her section and a his section.”

From the low thousands of dollars to the high thousands, designing and installing a closet is an art that requires supreme craftsmanship and attention to detail.