Refresh your work environment


These days, we’re spending more time at home with work and play. If you find your home space lacking, local interior design groups have tips to refresh your environment and make it more efficient.

In a home office, the first thing to do is declutter. It’s OK to let things go. Kelly Caron Designs suggests removing faux greenery and random objects that can be itemized as clutter if you have built-ins.


Refresh the space with some updated photo frames and add a few newer iPhone photos sitting in your camera roll. 

Another quick refresh to make working from home comfortable is to add a lamp or task lamp on your desk. Light is important in any room. It should be pretty or cool for that special touch. 

It is also important to take care of your body. Working from your bed is tempting, but Jacqueline Spooner Interiors and Patricia Small Interiors at House of Design advise you to keep your comfy space and your work space separate which is good mentally and physically.


Ergonomics are important; your posture affects your efficiency. Use a laptop stand or objects to raise the computer and then a shorter object for the keyboard. Whichever way you balance your computer, make sure it’s sturdy.

Need a little inspiration? Consider adding some red to your workplace. The color encourages focus.

Being stuck inside all day isn’t fun and can lead to malaise. J. Banks Design Group encourages you togo outside. Cut some leaves and flowers and keep fresh cuttings in a vase to bring some beauty inside. Flowers change your attitude.


Once back inside, tie back draperies or remove them to let the light in. Light radiates positivity and allows spaces to feel more open.

Use your dining table. One end can host books and laptops and the other can be reserved for eating.

homeoffice5Your space should be livable and likable since you’ll be there most of the day. Coastal Home suggests addingpictures of your family and trips you’ve taken, even trips you’d like to take.

Make sure you are working in a comfortable chair. It should lean or be on casters.