Stepping UP

Marshland Millworks and Cabinetry brings world-class woodwork to Lowcountry homes.

Marshland Millworks and Cabinetry brings world-class woodwork to Lowcountry homes.In an age where everything seems to be mass produced, the design and craftsmanship of custom woodwork is a rare beauty – even a fine art – that few modern homeowners have the luxury of possessing. And the craftsmen at Hilton Head’s Marshland Millworks and Cabinetry, true masters of custom woodworking, take their art very seriously.

“I have unreasonably high standards,” said Duane Constantino, the owner of Marshland Millworks and Cabinetry. And like any artist who pursues perfection in his work, Constantino said he’s not sure he’s ever been completely satisfied, and this attention to detail and quality is echoed throughout the company. “Everyone at Marshland is interested in doing a superior job,” he said.

Constantino has been working in the home-building business for over 30 years, and his first exposure to custom woodworking came from meeting master furniture-makers, such as George Nakashima, while Constantino was still in high school. Constantino grew up in New Jersey, and attended architecture school at the University of Washington, Seattle. He got involved with wood-working in Seattle, apprenticing with woodworkers and homebuilders, and he helped found the Northwest Woodworkers Guild. From there, Constantino went to western Alaska, where he owned and operated a general contracting firm in a small Eskimo fishing village.

“I kind of stumbled into it, but it really was the last of the Wild West, and I really enjoyed being there,” said Constantino, who was able to bring an entirely new level of custom home building to a place where most homes were tar-paper shacks.

Marshland Millworks and Cabinetry brings world-class woodwork to Lowcountry homes.“We did everything ourselves, without subcontractors,” he said. And even though Constantino only stayed in Alaska for five years, his company’s work is still recognized for its exceptional quality.

Today, when the homes his firm built nearly 30 years ago are listed for sale in the paper, his company name is always mentioned in the ad, he explained.

Constantino, his wife, and their young children came to Hilton Head in the early 80s in order to be closer to family. “My mother- and father-in-law lived here, and my wife wanted to be closer to her parents while our kids were little,” said Constantino. And since then, he has been working to make the Lowcountry landscape, and home interiors, even more beautiful.

Marshland is known for its innovative and unique custom projects and its staff of 12 includes some big names in woodwork design. Charlie Lovely, the design coordinator, is a computer-aided design (CAD) professional who has been featured on programs such as, “This Old House” and “Modern Masters,” as well as in many national print publications, including Carolina Architecture & Design and House & Garden magazines. He works on the millwork side of the company.

Stuart Barrett, another CAD designer at Marshland, works on the cabinetry side of the business. He used to work with Jack Williams, a well-known Lowcountry cabinetmaker who sold his facilities to Constantino in a deal that also included several great employees. And Constantino said he’s been fortunate to have such an exceptional team.

Marshland Millworks and Cabinetry brings world-class woodwork to Lowcountry homes.“It’s not easy to find qualified millwork people,” said Constantino. “We search long and hard to find good people, and we have great employees.” Marshland specializes in projects that take both skill and craft, including windows, doors, furniture, staircases, and cabinets. Although the company does most of its projects in-house, it does outsource the repetitive production tasks. Marshland also specializes in radius work, or projects with curves, such as spiral staircases.

“That’s what separates the men from the boys in millwork,” said Constantino. “If it can be drawn, we can build it.” Constantino’s favorite part of doing business in the Lowcountry is the relationships he’s built along the way. “We’ve built our business through word of mouth,” he said. “We’re fortunate to have good employees and our clientele have been great to us.”

Marshland Millworks and Cabinetry is located at 146 Island Drive on Hilton Head. For more information regarding the company and its work, call (843) 681-8045, or visit the company online at

And be sure to check out the online photo galleries, which showcase samples of the company’s recent work.