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Colorsful Transformation

Hot hues and cool tools to enhance your home.

COLOR CHOICESMany of us have at least one sad looking room in our home that is in need of updating and some fresh new colors. If you would like to make this change over a weekend, preparation will include getting organized and making a few preliminary decisions. The first decision to tackle is what items will stay, and what items could be transformed to a new look. Certainly the most cost-effective changes will be painting the walls to create a new color scheme and adding new accessories for the finishing touches.

As you contemplate what color scheme would work best in this room, flip through some recent magazines to see what trends appeal to you. The 1970s bold looks can be seen in all the latest publications. Notice the return of bright greens and shocking shades of orange and fuchsia. If these do not appeal to you, look at the many options available in the blue family. As lifestyles are being influenced by everyone’s awareness of environmental issues, it is believed that colors from our natural environment will be seen in our homes.

As indicated by the Pantone Color Institute’s most recent reports, shimmering ocean blues and garden greens will dominate the color scene for interiors. Browns and off-whites are remaining important colors to use for accent colors. A dynamic combination of black and white works really well with modern furniture.

Suzy Chiazzari, author of The Complete Book Of Color,Another aspect of color choices is the psychological affect that certain colors are thought to create. This is a great way to approach color decisions for your home. According to Suzy Chiazzari, author of The Complete Book Of Color, “Certain colors can calm our minds, while others stimulate mental activity.”

Most of us are aware of how a particular color can be uplifting and can affect our mood in a positive way. Regardless of the current trends, homeowners should always surround themselves with colors they like and colors that create the mood they want in any area of their home.

As seen on the behr.com website, this is how each color might impact the space that is painted these colors:

RED: associated with vitality, energy and courage.
ORANGE: associated with happiness, independence and confidence.
YELLOW: associated with awareness, wisdom and clarity.
GREEN: associated with balance, love and peace.
BLUE: associated with knowledge, relaxation and health.
INDIGO: associated with intuition, imagination and understanding.
VIOLET: associated with creativity, wisdom and inspiration.

Before you begin throwing plastic over the furniture and painting, look at some of the new tools available to make the job easier. There are lots of new gadgets such as the ones recently designed by women called Zibra No Tape EDGE-n-ROLL and Even Load n Roll. These can be seen on the Web site enjoyzibra.com. When you visit the local paint store or home improvement store, check out products for creating textures and faux finishes. This is a fantastic way to change the overall look of a room and create a practical texture that will not show fingerprints as easily as the usual flat paint. Many retail stores offer classes or instruction booklets for anyone trying to create faux finishes for the first time. There are numerous wall finishes to consider such as color washing, combing, crackle, ragging, suede look and sponging. Another new paint trend is the metallic look and this would be a great way to create glamorous walls for a bathroom or an accent wall in any room.

If you are still a little confused or overwhelmed with the abundance of color choices, go to behr.com with a digital photo of your room and try ColorSmart by Behr. This is a software program that allows you to change the color of your room and see how it might look. It might also be helpful to select two or three colors and order small sample bottles for making the decision. As most designers found out years ago, colors should be tested on your wall. This sample size will give you just enough to paint a small area and see how it looks in your room. This is available on Benjamin Moore Paints’ Web site, benjaminmoore.com.

When transforming a room, consider colors, details and textures. These elements can help make or break a motif.Just in case you are feeling somewhat daring and creative, there are some quick ideas to consider. What about the latest products available for kids rooms? Wallies has created a product that is easy to apply and is a great way to add graphic designs or “girlie” flowers and dragonflies to the walls for a very personalized look. Also consider Transforms developed to stick on and peel off easily and can be found in discount stores or on transforms.net. With fun 70 s graphic designs being seen in lots of fabrics, you might also want to look at wallpaper available in these fun colorful designs. One wall may be just what a teenagers bedroom needs to make a modern statement in style. Explore using stamps or making your own painted designs to create a custom look in a bathroom or to add an artistic element in other areas.

Another outstanding idea is to use various types of wood molding to create a focal point around a light fixture or chandelier. Outline a rectangular area on the ceiling with molding and select a paint color to accent the room. If you have a dining area that could use a little updating or architectural interest, this project will add an elegant touch. Ceilings are often overlooked, but this could also be done on the walls or under a chair rail to create added interest.

Adding a fresh coat of paint to outdated accessories is a cost-conscious way to put the finishing touches on the room. If lamps or frames look a little unexciting, select a great accent color to coordinate with the color scheme. Spray paint will work quickly but applying paint with a brush will also work. All frames in the room could be painted white to add a cottage feel or a modern twist to any style.

Take a look at the wide array of colors, textures and wall ideas to select from, and transform a room in just one weekend. Homeowners are often surprised at the results of their freshly painted room and how quickly a new mood and look can be achieved.