Spruce up your cabinetry

Spruce up your cabinetryWhat better way to welcome in summer than to incorporate a creative color palette into your living room, bathroom or home office? With Americans spending more time at home these days, many are investing in home upgrades. Take a cue from Mother Nature and bring in functional and affordable cabinetry in surprising colors.

Designers are reporting increased demand from consumers for cabinets with painted finishes, according to the Research Institute for Cooking and Kitchen Intelligence. Cabinet manufacturers are expanding finish options beyond the traditional brown and reddish tones to include bright and relaxing hues that create a summer retreat within your own home.

Several cabinetry making companies are experimenting with surprising new colors, including a sunny, buttery yellow called Honeysuckle; a lagoon blue appropriately dubbed Oasis; a chameleon- like neutral, Portobello and Tidal Mist, which is reminiscent of foggy, ocean-front summer mornings. Other finishes include Moss — an
earthy green — and Crimson, which emulates the look of summer berries.

Take a traditional route with cabinets that create a worn look around the cabinet edges, giving them a vintage feeling as though they have been open and closed for years.

The key is to have fun when incorporating a bright palette into your home. Pair colorful finishes with modern dark wood cabinetry to create a look that will be fresh for years. Use an unexpected hue for your laundry room cabinets to add a spark of personality in your space.

Sleek, versatile storage

The open, airy personality summer evokes can be easily mimicked throughout the home. For instance, an X-shaped wine cabinet is ideal for clearing bottles of your favorite summer wine selections off high-demand counter space. Its fluid design makes storing bottles of varying sizes a breeze. The X-shaped cabinet can be put to good use in other rooms of your home as well. Use it to neatly tuck away rolled-up towels in your bathroom; in your home office to store stationary or other small items; or in a playroom where it creates a compact home for children’s toys. Whatever your use, the sleek, open storage allows your personality to peek out without making your home look cluttered.

While you may enjoy quiet summer evenings listening to rustling tree branches and singing cicadas, you may feel the urge to grab your favorite summer tunes to liven up an afternoon barbeque or impromptu campfire. Incorporating cabinetry with playful colors and smart design into your home is a sure-fire way to invite the ease and excitement of summer living into your family’s life all year round.

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