Small changes mean big results in kitchens

Have you been feeling a little cramped in your kitchen, but you don’t have the finances to knock down walls or build more storage space? Don’t worry. With a few simple changes, you will discover new space that you never knew existed.

The first task is to look inside your cabinets. If there are mugs, water bottles or plastic cups that seem to never be used, donate them. For Tupperware containers, pots and pans, stack them inside each other.

To clear up space on your kitchen’s surface areas, create usable decorations. For instance, wine bottles, spice containers, cooking oils or fruit baskets can be placed in a decorative manner across a windowsill or in a unique arrangement.

Using drinking glasses, pots or cooking utensils as kitchen décor can be a very smart way of decorating while creating space. You can create or buy glass holders to store above a cooking island or sink to provide easy access to glassware. The same benefits could come out of hanging your pots and cooking utensils in the same way.

This also will give your kitchen a culinary vibe.