Create a spectacular OUTDOOR SPACE


Get Jammin’

Enjoy tunes outdoors by having an outdoor sound system installed. If you currently have an indoor sound system, the outdoor system can be added fairly asily. But again, the budget options for outdoor speakers cross a broad cost spectrum. If you don’t have the financial ability to have permanent speakers installed, consider using an mp3 player attached to a portable speaker. This option actually might be preferable if you would like to be able to move the music to different area’s of your patio or yard for different outdoor events. You can even take a portable outdoor speaker to the beach with you!

Get Loungin’

Outdoor furniture has come a long way. You can purchase almost any style of furniture with adaptions that have made it appropriate for outdoor use. The sky is really the limit. Choose comfy chairs, loungers and tables in your style of decor to create an outdoor “living room.” Update current outdoor furniture pieces with new throw pillows or cushions. Add an outdoor rug to tie the area together and make the space feel finished. But do note that just because it is “outdoor” furniture does not mean it is indestructible. The pieces will require some upkeep to maintain quality throughout the years.


Get Chillin’

The best way to cool off on a hot summer day is to take a dip in a swimming pool. If your yard is large enough to accommodate a pool – consider having a professional give you a quote on installation and maintenance. Swimming pools not only provide a place to cool off, but will entice you to spend more time outdoors, increase physical fitness and increase your home’s value. Cool off existing patios and porches by adding ceiling or portable fans. It is also helpful to add umbrellas to any outdoor dining or lounge areas. The shade provided by the umbrella will cool the area and provide sun protection as well.

Get Outta The Dark

Add light to your outdoor areas so you can enjoy them throughout the day and night. You can add outdoor lamps, string lights or lanterns to existing outdoor areas. Adding citronella candles or tiki torches serve double duty by providing light and repelling insects at the same time. There are also many solar powered lighting options that convert the suns rays to power in order to illuminate throughout the night.

Get Colorful

Flowers don’t have to be the only splashes of color in your outdoor entertaining area. Select brightly colored outdoor furnishings, potters, linens  and even citronella candles. Choose a bright color scheme for your outdoor area and stay consistent as you add new components to your outdoor areas.

outdorehome2Get Cookin’

No summer would be complete without home-grilled burgers and dogs. If you don’t already own a grill, local hardware and appliance stores  have grills in every budget and with any gadget and feature you could imagine. If you are new to grilling, be sure to read safety instructions, and be sure not to grill on wooden decks or near flammable objects.

Of course the crème de la crème of outdoor entertaining is the “Outdoor Kitchen.” These outdoor spaces are permanent installations and may include grilling areas, sinks, refrigerators and more. Several companies in the Lowcountry specialize in these sorts of installations and fortunately due to the temperate Lowcountry weather – these spaces can often be used year round.

Get Rid of the Bugs

Mosquitos and no-see-ums are always going to be around – but they don’t have to be around your house. If you have serious issues, consider hiring a professional to treat your house and yard regularly. You may even choose to install a mosquito misting system, a powerful method of keeping your yard and patio pest-free. Spray the patio, yard and surrounding areas four days before and then again the day you are hosting an outdoor event. And of course, you can always purchase citronella products.

To be able visit and live in the beautiful Lowcountry is such a gift. Hopefully these tips will inspire you to liven up your current outdoor areas and spend more time outside.