Home Design Trends

25 trends in home and garden design for this year:

25 Home trends


  1. Olive greens, coral shades and bold color mixings
  2. Neutral gray with dark charcoal doors and pale grayish-white ceilings
  3. Greek blues akin to the tops of churches and the deep blue Mediterranean Sea
  4. Warm tones in rust, aubergine (eggplant)  and dusty mint
  5. Glossy deep rich blues with a glossy finish
  6. Sectional sofas as the Lowcountry lifestyle becomes more relaxed and less formal
  7. Rustic kitchen tables paired with contemporary chairs
  8. Large windows with black trim that commands visual attention
  9. Vintage-style tubs with no modern touches, just soaking
  10. Rich wood libraries with Lots of books in built-in cabinetry

  • The return of four-poster beds for romance and privacy
  • Statement light fixtures that look like works of art
  • Open floor space from the kitchen to the great room and informal dining room, and more and bigger windows bringing the outdoors inside
  • The natural stone quartzite that closely resembles marble
  • Two master suites with adjoining bathrooms
  • Specialized storage spaces and butler pantries adjacent to the kitchen
  • Upgraded garages with temperature controls, car lifts and big sinks for scrubbing the dog
  • Industrial chic copper in kitchen backsplashes and hanging fixtures
  • Porcelain floors in high-traffic rooms and hallways
  • Shades of white-painted kitchen cabinetry for depth and visual distinction
  • Enhanced outdoor living space with working kitchens, fireplaces, fire pits and hot tubs
  • Sectional black-stained fences for visual drama
  • Dark-stained natural wood for raised beds in the garden
  • Bamboo for canopies and fences and as garden accessories
  • Old-fashioned ribbon driveways and walkways where grass separates the stones
  • Sources: House Beautiful, Realtor magazine, Houzz.com, Gardenista