Professionals share Lowcountry homebuilding trends

What is this year’s trend in the Lowcountry homebuilding industry? We reached out to four local professionals to find out. 

Ken-CrastKen Crast
Owner Crast Custom Homes, Hilton Head
“Our clients want to design and build homes to retire in instead of building rental and second homes. They want their homes to feel warm, as if they were built many years ago to include old world craftsmanship. Our clients want their homes to feel old, although they want all of the latest modern technology.”

H2BuildersTodd Hawk
President H2 Builders, Bluffton
“Open floor plans, majority are building between 3,500 and 4,500 square feet, not that all interested in a super formal dining room or a super formal living room…they’re getting away from the super traditional…definitely more energy efficient homes.”

Rhett-JeffcoatRhett Jeffcoat
Vice President of sales, marketing and estimating Randy Jeffcoat Builders, Bluffton
“People would rather have a smaller home and a larger outdoor living space, by far…and that trend is only snowballing more and more…enhancement of outdoor living space is the No. 1 thing clients have asked for the past two years and will continue to ask for.”

Cameron4Cameron-241Nathan Cameron
Owner Cameron & Cameron Custom Homes, Bluffton
“Builders come to my house. My industrial feel is kind of new for South Carolina…it’s been knocked off and copied. I think my house is what you’re going to see (this) year, fashion-forward, Ralph Lauren style. People are definitely pushing the more contemporary feel. My house is encouraging people to not do pine floors…we want to do more of that barn door look..the rustic slash modern feel.”