One of the challenges of living on the coast is taking care of the exterior of your home.

Algae growth and mildew frequently appear on siding in the humid south. Experts suggest cleaning your vinyl, brick, stucco or wood siding with mild soap and water, a brush and a garden hose with a spray nozzle. They also suggest hiring a professional to pressure wash the exterior.


It can get might buggy in the Lowcountry. Generally, it’s best to use a professional exterminator to control insects around your home.  However, there are steps you can take to help.


Maintaining your air conditioning can mean savings not only in energy, but also in cold cash.

When temperatures reach their peak this summer, we can always escape indoors to air-conditioned comfort. Our home’s exterior isn’t so lucky. It must bear the brunt of summer’s heat and humidity.

0510_shortsaleShort sales have become the financial fix of choice for homeowners facing foreclosure or other circumstances that has left them owing more on their homes than the house is worth.

It’s May, the merry month, and what merrier way to celebrate its arrival than to stroll the garden paths of some special private spaces on Hilton Head and neighboring Bluffton?

Homeowners with a particular kind of stucco insulation on their houses can obtain money through a major settlement because the material was found to cause serious water damage.

gardening_0310Imagine grabbing your gardening tools instead of your grocery bags as you head out the door to gather food for dinner tonight.

“Gardening gives people satisfaction of seeing something grow rather than see something canned or boxed or fruit that never ripens,” said Phil Taylor, landscape architect with Sunshine Nursery. “If you buy fruit that is in cold storage, it never ripens. Grocery store tomatoes might sit for two weeks and mold and rot before they ever ripens.”