Fred Mix’s May River dock is the “green dock with a red roof.”

Fred Mix’s May River dock is the “green dock with a red roof.”Looking out on the reeds and oyster beds poking out of the solid sheen of the May River in Fred Mix’s backyard, it’s easy to see why this Bluffton resident wanted to keep his new dock ‘green.’ After all, the May is one of a kind; a rare chemistry of salt water rushes up and down her banks with each tide in a delicate balance upon which so much rests.

As he began working with Bill Sease of May River Marine Construction on this eco-friendly dock, Mix realized he was going to have to take a few ‘green innovations’ and get creative with them. Fortunately, if there’s anywhere you can get creative, it’s Bluffton.

Mix begins his tour of his green dock by pointing out the solar panel on the roof. This panel feeds a system of car batteries (pictured below) installed inside storage space on the deck. These batteries power the boat lift (which keeps paint from seeping into the river), the freshwater system and dock lights – and soon a ceiling fan – taking the whole operation off the grid. The dock even features a solar-powered fish feeder! The wiring for the solar power was done by Johnny Clemens of Clemens Electrical. In addition, a hose reeled up in one corner (pictured below left) is fed entirely by rain water collected from the roof.

As if these innovations weren’t enough, Mix will proudly point out the aluminum ramp down to the floating dock, recycled from Marsh Harbor Marina after a storm damaged its docks. The poly floats under the floating dock are also recycled, recovered from Broad Creek Marina after its re-construction.

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