Incorporate playfulness, safety in Children’s Bathrooms

Incorporate playfulness, safety in Children’s BathroomsHave you been thinking about redecorating your child’s bathroom? If so, here are some easy ways to make the bathroom attractive, safe, clean – and entertaining.

When it comes to decorating the walls, paint them in one or two of your child’s favorite colors. This will make redecorating easy if your kids grow out of the original design or if you want to redecorate when they move out of the house.

Paint the walls in washable flat paint or exterior latex. That way the walls can be washed with bleach or antibacterial cleaning products without paint pealing.

The bathroom also can be a fun place by incorporating your child’s interests through the décor. If your child enjoys the beach or animals, buy some bathroom accessories that can correlate with those hobbies. Finding accessories with themes, such as shower curtains, bath toys, rugs and soaps, are easy to find and will create a fun-filled experience for the kids. Another way to entertain kids in the bathroom is to offer bathroom crayons for bath time. Soap crayons add a dimension of fun to the bathtub. They can write on the bath tiles and on the bath. Parents can teach children the alphabet.

Safety is a major factor when decorating a child’s bathroom. A few safety accessories include child locks on cabinets, toilet clip-holds, rubberized step stools and faucet socks.

Child locks on cabinets help prevent cabinet doors from accidentally closing on a child’s hand and keeping hazardous cleaning products locked away. Toilet clips act in the same way by preventing children from accidentally falling into toilets or having their hands get caught by the lid.

A rubberized step stool helps children easily step in and out of the bathtub and up to the sink.

Additionally, Lynes said the stool could help children to brush their teeth on their own, which will encourage them to have good hygiene habits. Faucet socks, which are usually animal-shaped, are made to cover a faucet’s sharp edges. Finally, a non-skid rug or mat that can go inside and outside of the tub is imperative in a child’s bathroom.