Yes, you can create a perfect outdoor space

Here are tips on to make your outdoor space fresh and new:

Lighten up your outdoor living space with fabrics in retro bright colors, lively tropical prints and sunny florals. Replace those drab neutrals by throwing some weather-resistant primary color-infused pillows on your chairs.

Look for high-tech fabrics, such as elasticized that combines comfort with a sleek look. Solution-dyed fabrics are very durable and offer a lightweight alternative to cushions. Spread the outdoor love with throw rugs, as well as plant and bar trolleys.
Accessorize with brightly colored plastic wine glasses, plates and napkins. Little details matter.

Top off your place setting with a beaded lobster napkin holder or a cheese tray with crab handles.

Unless you own a New York loft with a rooftop access, say good-bye to those cafe tables and say hello to larger outdoor tables, where you can share a good meal with your family.

Table trends run the gamut from 84-inch oval tables to six-sided tables and over-sized square tables that can seat eight or more.
Many homeowners will be taking their cues from outdoor wedding receptions this season. Sectional sofas are making an appearance outdoors and are bringing a family room style to the exterior.

The idea of the outdoor living room often means stepping into an escape or a vacation-like feel from the indoors. Create a tropical paradise with replicated textures of rattan or bamboo for outdoor furnitures. And don’t count on glass tabletops. Instead, check out high-tech surfaces — including travertine, hammered coppered and a sculptured, faux flagstone.

The lasting trends are mosaics of tile, stone, granite, slate, punched metal and faux stone.
But it’s important to understand the importance of the home’s architecture to create the perfect complimentary outdoor space.

You might be surprised to learn that while the furniture can be an important part of the outdoor setting, it’s not the focal point. Let the fireplace or decorative fire pit set the stage. Pull everything together with accessories, which includes landscaping.


Lighten up your wallet by freshening your patio furnitore. Start by getting out your paintbrush. Consider the type of wood before you purchase paint.

Redwood or cedar can be painted using enamel, but start with a base of Kilz, which will prevent the paint from running in spots. Other types of wood like teak can be painted using non-oil paints, such as acrylic latex paint. The label on the paint can should say, “outdoor furniture paint,” which is a plastic-like coating that will flex and stand up to the elements.

For softer woods, such as oaks, seal before you paint, because these types of wood are vulnerable to weathering and decay. Metal outdoor furniture can be tricky. Start by cleaning and removing all dirt from metal furniture using detergent and water. Use a steel wool, wire brush or sandpaper to remove peeled paint and rust.

Use a metal primer or rust retardant type of paint for the first coat, then you can use enamel paint for the second coat. If your intent on keeping your faded and worn out plastic furniture, repair and transform it to a factory finish. Use Krylon Fusion, a spray paint that sticks securely to all kinds of plastics and dries to a durable finish.