Delightful Decorating

‘Tis the season for decorating. There’s immense joy in brightening up the holiday season with beautiful and festive décor. 

The Lowcountry offers many choices for holiday decorating, including colors and fragrances that can be used to welcome the season.

Be creative (and traditional) by implementing some trending design ideas. Be advised that keeping things simple is often best. Too many decorations can lead to clutter and become more of an eyesore than a holiday celebration.

A fresh-cut Fraser fir, one of the most popular Christmas trees, is a fantastic choice to begin your holiday decorations. Popular ones can be 6 to 8 feet high.  They have strong, dark green limbs and a pleasant scent.

Other firs include balsam, Sapphire, Nordman and noble.

An idea is to replace tree skirts with tree collars and, when decorating the tree, mix in silver ornaments to make the tree sparkle.

Colors can liven up the season, with red and green being popular. But white and beige make for wonderful holiday accents. Consider royal blue and gold to add some festive color. Color trends include sage greens and a little splash of pink.

Pink hues are popular this year, with soft pinks and peaches combined with pale greens on trend. 

Add some old and new silver ornaments in varying shapes and sizes to make the classic Christmas tree dazzle.

Other decoration options are driftwood, oyster shells, red berries, and Christmas cactus. The cactus is best known for its colorful flowers and blooms from November through February. 

Colorful poinsettias are always a holiday mainstay. They can brighten the inside of a home and can even last awhile outside in our Lowcountry environment. 

Also trending this year are paperwhite bulbs, which add a classy “snowy white” look to your decor. They generally bloom four weeks after planting. 

A wreath is a classic tradition – and can be displayed in many ways. Hang a wreath on the front door and include English holly or wide red ribbons for some color. 

Want to make the wreath a bit more exciting? 

Use florist wire to attach additions from the outdoors to the branches of the wreath.

Your living area can also be immersed in holiday cheer with festive pillows. A mix of small pillows with holiday decorations on a couch or chair is a quick and fun way to instill holiday spirit.

Another idea is to include a small group of mercury glass votive holders on your table, which will add a little coziness. Or consider a mercury glass decorative tree for the table.

Twinkly garlands can also be used for a festive holiday idea. Just place them across a windowsill.

Subtle but fun are candy canes. Display them as tree decorations or hang them as garlands.

Lighting a menorah also brightens the season.

Known as the “celebration of lights,” Hanukkah commemorates the triumph of the Maccabees over their oppressors. When Jews reclaimed their temple, they found only enough oil to create light for one day, but that oil lasted for eight days.

The lighting of the Hanukkah candles symbolizes that miracle — which is why the nine candles of the menorah offer great significance to this religious holiday.

Your outdoor space shouldn’t be neglected. Put some decorations on a mailbox or liven up the lawn with outdoor plants and add a reindeer or Santa’s sleigh. 

Think about placing baskets full of logs or gift-wrapped boxes for a nice touch.  Or consider putting a decorated tree next to your front door. A small tree with a few decorations will invite your guests inside.

However you decide to decorate your home, do so with holiday spirit and have fun.