A few tips to make sure your home is ready for warmer weather

Come springtime, most of us are eager to throw open the windows, spruce up our homes and lawns and clean out the closets. It’s a good time to give your house, inside and out, a good once-over.

As the weather begins to turn warmer, take the time to visually inspect your property, taking in the natural scapes to hardscapes. Think spring planting, outdoor entertaining and casual outdoor living.

Here are some important spring maintenance chores, as well as some other tips for the new season.


homeagain2Walk around the outside of the house: Are there cracks in the concrete? Is the driveway in good condition? Check the roof for signs of loose or broken shingles. Look for wear and tear on your deck; check your outdoor lighting; examine your walkways and driveway for raised or uneven surfaces; clean your outdoor kitchen and outdoor furniture; and inspect the greenery.


Rake up leaves that survived the winter and put down mulch in your flowerbeds and around shrubs. A thin layer of mulch will protect plants from drought and keep weeds at bay. If you plan to hire a lawn care service to maintain your property and mow your lawn, now is the time to renew your annual contract.

Have your trees inspected by a certified arborist, who can check for signs of illness or any dead branches and catch problems before they escalate. Look closely at your shrubs and trees for broken or bent branches that could be caused by hurricane damage or winter cold and remove them to allow for new plant growth. Make sure the branch is cut cleanly, not torn, to allow the plant to heal from its seasonal dormancy and to ensure its natural shape. Plant your perennials, and give them plenty of water.

Pull out the lawnmower and give it a checkup before the grass gets too long.


A great way to avoid high energy bills each month is by using renewable energy. Not only will solar energy help save you money on your electric bill, it qualifies for a 55 percent tax credit. Many utility companies will also pay you back for the energy that you produce with your solar system. Interested in going solar. Give Carolina Energy Conservation a call today.

Carolina Energy Conservation


Given the option, few of us would volunteer to spend a Sunday on a ladder pulling leaves out of a gutter, but it’s an important task. If you clean your gutters yourself, be careful on the ladder, as more than 630,000 Americans needed medical treatment in 2015 for ladder-related injuries, according to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission. You can also hire a professional gutter cleaner.



  • After rain, empty bird baths, fountains, pots, buckets, barrels and tarps
  • Clean out gutters to avoid standing water
  • Drill holes in tire swings and trash cans so water drains.
  • A professional service is the best way to eliminate mosquitoes. We provide ongoing defense and our technicians can find potential breeding areas.

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If you own a pool, you’ll want to get it ready for the summer days that will soon be here. Treat the water, check and change valves and filters, and inspect all the equipment before you’ll actually want to swim in the pool. Consider hiring a professional pool service.


Elements like sun, rain, wind, heat, cold and tanning oils can affect woods, metals, iron, plastic, wicker and bamboo. Tables, chairs, umbrellas, hammocks and cushions are all susceptible to damage.

Sweep the material to lightly clean, rinse and then wipe down with a sponge with a gentle cleanser. Scrub to remove mold, and regularly clean wicker to limit mildew buildup. Clean wood surfaces and paint if needed, and then seal with a preservative. Sand metal furniture lightly if there’s evidence of mold or rust, and then touch up with paint and apply a liquid wax for protection; a silicone spray will lubricate moving parts. Fabrics should be cleaned regularly; use a fabric protector to ensure water repellency.

Choose a reliable outdoor lighting contractor. NiteLites, an industry leader in professional outdoor lighting, suggests retrofitting existing systems to energy-efficient LEDs and maintaining your outdoor lighting system regularly. With free outdoor lighting consultations and great maintenance programs available, NiteLites makes it easy to illuminate your home, landscape or commercial property to help provide curb appeal, safety and security. 

NiteLites Outdoor Lighting


Call your HVAC technician to schedule the system’s biannual checkup and servicing. If you know your HVAC system is nearing the end of its natural life, start collecting estimates for a new system. You don’t want be left without air conditioning on a blistering summer day.

The use of highly efficient window treatments by Budget Blinds can be effective for saving energy at home. We offer different solutions, from cellular shades to home automation, to help your home stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Call us for a free in-home consultation to see how we can help you save on energy bills.

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Check your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detectors. Many home fire deaths occurred in homes without working smoke detectors, the National Fire Protection Association warns. The batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors should be changed once a year.



Spring is the season of rejuvenation, and your house will glow with the season if you switch your winter accessories such as throw pillows for lighter, brighter spring hues. Evaluate your drapes, blinds and bedding, checking for damage and wear and tear. Also, changing the lighting is much easier than one might think and can make a big impact.


Considering a kitchen remodel but dread the weeks of mess and disruption? Cabinet refacing can save time and money, taking as little as a week to install and saving as much as 50 percent over cabinet replacement. A good refacing contractor will use solid wood facing (not veneer) and new Amish-crafted doors, with many color and style choices. Look for a company whose installers have years of experience and who offer advanced modifications. Extras can include new countertops, sinks, fixtures, lighting, and storage solutions.

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