Is your home ready for warmer weather?

Springtime in the Lowcountry rejuvenates the spirit and soothes the thawing soul.

We spend more time outdoors in the warm salt air, renew our gardens, walk the grounds of the RBC Heritage Presented by Boeing, battle with our allergies, barbecue on our decks and patios, kayak on the May River, sit outside for late afternoon happy hours along Skull or Jarvis creeks, attend village and art festivals, sift through the bounty of produce at farmers markets, and marvel at the hummingbirds making their seasonal migration.

There’s a bounce in our springtime step.

Now the sobering news: Springtime also means spring cleaning and home maintenance inside and outside. If you don’t have a checklist yet, here are a few categories that should be on your radar:

garden4Deep Cleaning

Serious time needs to be spent cleaning and washing bathroom fans, ceiling fans, light fixtures, blinds and shutters, moldings and window sills, stainless steel appliances, countertops and backsplashes, the dishwashers, refrigerator, washing machine, countertops, wood floors, tiles and grouting, baseboards, cabinets and light switch plates.

Swimming Pool Maintenance

garden3Hilton Head area swimming pools and spas rarely have covers. The pool and spa themselves need to be cleaned from inactivity over the past few months. The equipment needs to be checked for efficiency, and the water needs to be tested for water chemistry to provide clear and safe conditions. Some lingering debris may be left after all this is done, so make sure the pool, steps and ladders are brushed and vacuumed.

Lawn and Garden

garden2Make sure your lawn is dry before walking on it and beginning spring maintenance. Remove branches, leaves, sticks and anything else that may impede its springtime reawakening. Rake and ensure that all of the dead grass is removed. Raking also allows moisture and nutrients to penetrate the soil.

Weed and feed the lawn with a post-emergent weed killer and apply fertilizer with herbicides, preferably when the grass is damp so the granules can stick. Control pests by applying an organic pesticide.

If you haven’t mulched around your trees and plants yet, do it now, along with a final pruning to remove winter damage. If planting anew, consider doing a soil test to determine the pH and nutrient levels. Also keep in mind the amount of sunlight the plants will receive daily and the soil texture and moisture.

Plant herbs for your favorite seasonings. Now is also the time to finish planting your marigolds and impatiens and other annuals. Be sure to fertilize your perennials as soon as you spot new growth. Why not grow a colorful clematis vine on a fence or trellis and hang some planters and baskets in strategic places?

Green surely occupies a prominent place on the color palette of springtime in the Lowcountry, but there’s an abundance of other hues that can emerge from its shadow and shine brightly on their own.


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