Moody Blues


Once upon a time, when a couple decided to get married they set the date, bought a dress and a cake and picked colors they liked — traditionally two — to use in everything from bridal party attire to reception décor. While that still happens, these days couples are thinking more about the mood they want to set than the colors they’d like to use.

“I wanted a very soft, romantic vibe, so I thought blush and champagne would be good,” says Kelley Rigsby, who married her beau, Patrick, on May 25 at Sea Pines Beach Club. “I think blush is very in right now.”

bridal colors2

All of Rigsby’s bridesmaids wore dresses in mix-and-match styles in a shade of blush, and all the centerpieces were bouquets of blush and white peonies created by A Floral Affair.

Wedding planner Beth Baldwin says she continues to see lots of pink hues in local weddings, particularly the “it” shade of the past few years.

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“Millennial Pink is still very much on trend,” she says, “as are mixed metals like copper, gold, mercury glass, silver and mirrored surfaces to reflect light.”

Those mixed metals and mirrored surfaces go with another trend — one of glitz, glamour and elegance.

“I am loving the current nod to a more glamorous wedding style, whether that is reflected in the dress, the overall attire of the wedding party or the reception décor,” she says.

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For weddings held in the Lowcountry, particularly amid the Spanish moss-draped oaks of Honey Horn and Palmetto Bluff, the Lowcountry-chic vibe — accented by burlap, Mason jars, driftwood, spiked sweet tea and upscale versions of Southern comfort foods — continues to be popular.

But on Hilton Head Island, the beach still reigns.

bridal colors6

“This being Hilton Head, it’s the nautical theme (I see the most),” says Courtney Daley, catering and events sales manager at The Dunes House in Palmetto Dunes. “Lots of navy blues and whites, anchors, stuff like that. Nautical lanterns for centerpieces, navy dresses, and a lot of pops of colors since the navy is not as bright.”

Michelle Erford, who was married at The Westin Hilton Head Island Resort & Spa on May 27, says she incorporated lots of beachy elements in her island nuptials. That included bridesmaids in shades of blues and greens to mirror the ocean, and starfish hanging from the chairs for the ceremony. The couple continued that same beach theme at the reception in creative ways.

“My mother-in-law made the centerpieces, which were vases filled with sand and seashells and smaller starfish,” she says. “And she made my bouquet as well, which was all shells and a giant starfish on top.”

Nothing says “fun, funky beach wedding” like a walk down the aisle holding a bouquet of seashells.

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To build the perfect wedding mood board, try these tips:

  • Describe the vibe. Start by placing words and images that set the mood you’re going for. The scenes you sample don’t necessarily have to be wedding-related, but they should evoke the vibe you want everyone to feel at your wedding. And remember that both you and your love should have a say in the words, phrases, emotions and ideas that describe the mood of your dream wedding. What is most important to you? Add it first and don’t stray from it later.
  • Add colors and textures you like. Don’t overthink it, just grab what you’re drawn to, including different colors, tones, materials and textures. That can be from a striking sunset, a flower, a dinner party table setting, anything goes. Check wedding magazines and Pinterest boards, but also pull some great ideas from home décor, food and general lifestyle magazines and websites.
  • Pick some big décor elements. Now it’s time to choose some centerpieces, floral arrangements and other big décor elements that speak to you in terms of size, style and statement. See a type of archway or altar backdrop for the ceremony, or a reception lounge area you love? Pin it.
  • Settle on smaller details.  Go back to your guide words and think of some smaller elements to incorporate in different ways throughout the day that will really help you set the mood or illustrate your theme. Satin bows, maps and compasses, vintage stemware … get creative on little ways to make a big impression.

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