Choosing the Right Wedding Planner or Caterer

Catering experts can help you pull together all the best elements of your wedding and express them at the wedding reception. For example, if you are having a theme wedding or an ethnic-style wedding, your caterer will be able to help you select the appropriate kinds of food and drink to tie everything together.

Remember that food, in itself, is considered by many to be entertainment. Guests are happy when their appetites are satiated with delicious cuisine. Making it appealing to their eyes, as well as their palates, will help you create a positive and memorable experience.

When interviewing caterers, be sure to get references, photographs, menus, and a taste test of their work. Be sure you know your budget and where the reception will take place before you begin the caterer search. This will save you time and aggravation later.

Ask about flexibility regarding their menus. Inquire about accommodations for guests with specific dietary needs, such as those with allergies to certain foods, vegetarians, etc. Are you allowed to incorporate certain family recipes into the menu? Also, learn exactly what you are getting in the catering price. Does the price include a wait staff? If so, how many people will be included in the wait staff? Does the price also include place settings, glassware, etc?

You should also inquire about the bar situation. Most caterers will work with couples who plan to serve alcohol during their reception, but this should be made clear during your initial planning discussions, and in the written contract.

Be sure to quiz caterers regarding where and how the food will be prepared. Find out how it will be transported to the reception site. Who will serve the food? Who will be responsible for the setup and cleanup?

The caterer you interview will have many suggestions regarding your reception. Remember, the reception is a time for you and your new spouse to met and greet your loved ones and celebrate the beginning of your new life together. When planning the menu for the reception, you should consider putting your personalities into the food and its presentation. Working with a knowledgeable caterer will help you decide what to do.