Social media is perfect for milestones like your wedding day. But before you announce your engagement by changing your relationship status on Facebook or sharing the perfect shot of your ring on Instagram, let your closest friends and family in on your big news. And then be ready to watch your social media channels light up with “likes.”

Think about creating a personalized hashtag for your wedding guests to use to tag their photos. If you don’t want pictures of your dress to get out immediately after the ceremony, ask guests not to post photos or restrict friends from publicly tagging you in photos by changing your privacy settings to “private.” This way, you can view all photos you’re tagged in and select the ones you want to share.

You can also set up a Facebook page dedicated to your wedding or an online album just for your wedding photos. Just be sure not to overwhelm your friends with posts about the stress of wedding planning or other bridal-related complaints.

Some couples are encouraging their guests to unplug for a techfree wedding. This helps ensure all attention is on you and your celebration, not your guests’ electronic devices. If it’s important to you that your day is smartphone-free, consider posting signs asking guests to put away their phones.


Digital tools and applications can help keep you organized and on track — and maybe reduce some stress. After all, they’re called smartphones for a reason. Here are five apps that can lend you a hand:

evernoteEvernote: This app allows you to share all your notes and images with others and keep everyone in the loop with updates — including your soon-to-be spouse. It also can help reduce paper clutter while keeping you organized with to-do notes.

pantonePantone Studio: Identify colors you love and build your perfect wedding color palette with this app.


ointerestPinterest: This app is the holy grail of wedding inspiration. From diy projects, to wedding dresses and decor ideas, you have a wealth of information with this app.


wedpicWedPics: This wedding photo app allows you to invite guests to share their wedding photos with you through your unique Wedding ID. It’s a convenient way to keep everyone’s pics in one place for you to browse and share.

zola6Zola Registry: This digital-friendly device can scan barcodes on gifts and help organize your registry.


WeddingHappy: This app serves as a virtual wedding planner to back up your backup to-do lists. Preloaded with tasks to guide you through your never- ending lists of things to get done, WeddingHappy will keep you happy and on track.