A Wedding Video

Selecting a wedding videographer is similar to that of the photographer search. Start by talking to people you know and trust, review their videos, and get some referrals.

When it’s time to interview videographers, ask about their background. You should look for someone who is not only technically seasoned, but artistically seasoned as well. They should know how to gather footage, edit it, provide proper lighting, among other things. In addition, they must be able to edit the videos. DVDs are easier to edit than VHS tapes, so find out what your potential professional will be using. Make sure you see examples of his or her work and editing techniques.

When you select your videographer, give him or her a schedule of events for the wedding day, and do this well in advance. This will make everyone’s life much easier, and your video production will flow better if the videographer knows what is supposed to be happening at any given time.