Party Rentals

Party rentals come in handy especially if your wedding is at an outdoor location. They can offer everything for your big day from chocolate fountains to dinnerware and linens.

When planning a wedding and reception, it’s easy to overlook the necessities like dinnerware, chairs, tables, candles, lighting, tents, runners, and even coffee makers. Make sure to find out what your location provides, if anything so you can be prepared. If you have a wedding planner, they will provide you with the party rental company they prefer. Usually this is someone they depend on so you will have no worries for the big day.

Party rentals offer everything you can think of. To help decorate your wedding location, they may offer candelabras in all shapes and sizes, candles, columns, arches, gazebos, urns, etc. Make sure to check with your location to see if they offer dinnerware and/or linens. Never assume it comes with the location. If they don’t offer various options, don’t hesitate to ask if you can use another company. This could come with an extra fee. If their options don’t appeal to you, a party rental company may have something to fit your style.

Party rental companies will offer an abundance of seating options including folding chairs, chairs with seat cushions, chair covers and caps. Depending on the colors and style for your reception, a rental company will offer a variety of linens in every color and pattern.

When creating an elegant outdoor wedding, don’t forget about the dance floor! Rental companies can provide various dance floors from teak to black and white.

There is one element out of your control on the wedding day; the weather. Don’t get stuck out in the rain! Tent rentals are a must have for outdoor wedding sites. Tents can come in numerous shapes, colors and sizes and can be decorated from top to bottom.

Fun extras to inquire about: margarita makers, chocolate fountains, water fountains, champagne fountains and projectors.