Wedding Music: A Harmony of Sounds

Music is a huge part of the wedding festivities. It is important to understand what you and your fiancé want, and what your guests enjoy. If you plan to marry in a church, be sure to speak with the minister and have him involved in planning the music for your ceremony.

Some of the most popular choices/styles for the ceremony include traditional, classical music, a capella (without musical accompaniment), jazz (which offers many variations, including a single musician), and even swing (which includes Ella Fitzgerald’s light tunes). Many couples enjoy incorporating their heritage into the ceremony through music. For instance, a Scottish bride may have the bagpipes played during part of the ceremony. You can have the same type of music for your ceremony and reception, or you can switch to something different after the wedding.

For example, if you like jazz, you can have a single musician or a duo at the ceremony, and a whole group at the reception to really get the dance floor warmed up. To accommodate guests of all ages and musical tastes, many couples are opting to have some quiet music during dinner, and they really start the party after dinner with more festive dance music. This way, everyone can feel included in the party. Another debate regarding music is hiring a DJ or a band. Many couples are again deciding to compromise to make everyone happy. Some people have a band start things off with slower, more sentimental dances, and later a DJ “spins tunes” that are a bit more modern. Some companies even give couples the option of hiring a band/DJ combination. When interviewing musicians, find out what each company is willing to offer you.