Bountiful Blossoms: Festive Flowers for Your Wedding

When shopping for your wedding flowers, again ask friends and relatives for anyone they can recommend. Get some ideas assembled before you begin meeting with florists, so you can use your time more efficiently. Cut pictures out of magazines to show your potential florist what type of theme and look you want to create.

You should select your bridal gown and bridesmaids’ dresses before you select your florist. This is done to be sure the flowers accentuate the dresses. If you can, bring in material swatches or photographs of the dresses.

You should also have your ceremony and reception sites chosen before you pick your flowers. Some churches and even reception sites have particular rules about flowers. Ask about these rules ahead of time so you can notify the florist.

While roses remain a timeless, beloved choice for bridal bouquets, other popular choices includes daisies, freesia, hyacinths, tulips, sunflowers, orchids, and peonies. Today’s tight bouquets are giving way to more gentle, natural-looking arrangements that flow into a cascade. Colors are more vivid and are complemented by lavish foliage, and sometimes even fresh herbs are used.

Brides used to carry a bouquet that was different from those of their attendants. Today, the trend is to coordinate the bridesmaids’ arrangements with the bride’s bouquet. In addition, both the style and color of the bridal bouquet should be considered when choosing the arrangements for the ceremony and reception.

Brides today are choosing to mix the use of flowers and candles to create a soft, romantic look for their wedding. However, it is wise to discuss the restrictions, if any, that churches and synagogues have regarding decorations, including flowers, open flames, etc. Because of restrictions, the trend today is for couples to decorate more elaborately for receptions than the ceremony. If the ceremony site will let you remove the decorations, it is financially wise to have the flowers moved from the ceremony site to the reception.