A Personally Embellished Event

weddingdress_amydaringWritten by Jen Leiti and Photo by Amy Daring

Are you one of the many brides guilty of having an addiction to “pinning”? Are you finding yourself on inspiration overload? For many brides and grooms, the abundance of creative ideas out there can be quite overwhelming! With so many ideas to incorporate into a single event, how are you supposed to narrow them down to a design concept that is fresh, innovative and personal without overdoing the details? Here are some tips I share with my brides to help them come up with the perfect concept.

1 | Choose what YOU love!
The great thing about today’s wedding designs is that almost anything goes! When coming up with your design concept, consider your fashion sense and the way you decorate your home. Then figure out how to incorporate that taste into your wedding day. Are you more chic and contemporary than classic and traditional? Do you love bright colors and bold patterns vs. neutral tones? Whatever your sense of style is, let it shine through on your wedding day!

2 | Mix it up!
Forget the idea that everything should be perfectly matched. When it comes to today’s modern wedding, eclectic equals fresh. From bridesmaid’s attire to place settings, creating a mixed look makes for a one-of-a-kind event. To prevent your décor from looking like a mismatched mess, consider these guidelines:

  • Mix up your place settings all you want, but keep the table linens similar.
  • If you’re combining various tablecloths, keep a consistent look for the place settings and chairs among each table.
  • Choose a variety of patterns for your china, but keep the shape and size consistent.
  • Choose an eclectic mix of chairs for the head table only and keep the guest chairs uniform.
  • Mix up your bridesmaid’s attire, but keep them within the same color scheme.
  • Don't go overboard. Pick one or two things to mix up in each focal area.

3 | Create a comfortable atmosphere.
Southern hospitality means making your guests feel as comfortable and cozy as possible. When one thinks of comfort, they often think of home and the same should hold true for your wedding. You want your wedding guests to feel comfy and relaxed, just as though they were celebrating in your home. This can be easily achieved by incorporating home decor pieces such as mirrors, couches, rugs and accent tables into your design.

4 | Make it personal.
From generational wedding pictures displayed at the reception to hors d’oeuvres being passed on an eclectic mix of your great grandmother’s china, the rule is that there are no rules when it comes to incorporating personal touches on your wedding day. Did you dine on some down home Southern cooking during your first date? How about recreating the same meal and serving it up with a twist at the reception? Did you visit Paris as a celebration to graduating law school? Why not setup a cappuccino bar with an assortment of French pastries and pictures from your trip? The sky is the limit when it comes to telling your story and it makes for a truly memorable experience!

5 | It’s OK to break the rules.
Don’t restrict yourself to tradition and etiquette unless that is who you are as a couple. When it comes to your wedding, breaking the rules can provide guests with a sense of surprise and delight as well as a unique experience. A perfect example of this would be the Indian bride who surprised her American groom with a taste of heritage by having a belly dancer perform during dinner service. It added an element to the evening that the guests had never before experienced, which in turn created a lasting memory. For a wedding day that is a true reflection of you as a couple and the unconditional love you have for each other, consider incorporating some of these ideas into your Big Day. Throw the rules out the window and create the perfect wedding that mirrors your love story.