The Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal dinner is a time when family and friends of the bride and groom come together to celebrate and prepare for the big day. Usually the rehearsal dinner follows the ceremony rehearsal. A run-through of the wedding takes place and the bride and groom may practice their vows. The attendants are shown what to do and what to be prepared for.

Following the rehearsal is the dinner where everyone comes together to celebrate and relax before the wedding. Traditionally, the groom’s parents pay for the expense and its events. But with weddings becoming increasingly expensive, the bride and groom or even the bride’s parents may chip in. Be sure to send out personal invitations to friends and attendants who will attend the dinner.

Who to invite? Traditionally, both sets of families should attend including extended relatives. Don’t forget to invite friends who may not be in the wedding but have contributed to the bride and groom meeting or have helped with the planning. Also, if you have out of town guests that are traveling from a long way, consider inviting them as well. This is a time to thank guests for helping in the planning of the wedding and its events.

Outdoor Laid-Back Dinner

If you’re having a summer wedding by the sea, then choosing another outdoor location for the rehearsal dinner can be ideal. Grill it up with a barbecue. Have your local barbecue restaurant cater the dinner with a Southern buffet of tasty Lowcountry delights. Planning a wedding in the South? Treat your guests to a taste of the South with Lowcountry Boil or an oyster roast. Picnic tables with crisps cloths and casual centerpieces will complete the look. Make sure to tell your guests it’s casual and not a black tie affair. Add music with an acoustic one man band or country western band. Kick of those sandals and dance the night away!

Traditional Sit-down Dinner

Plan a sit down traditional dinner with friends and family in your favorite restaurant or country club. Many country clubs will offer a set menu and are prepared for organized dinners. Usually music can be arranged with a band or even DJ but many choose this as a night to relax and show their appreciation to guests. Some choose to cater the dinner in their parents home or in their own home which helps to cut costs while keeping it intimate.