Jack LaLanne: More incredible & inspiring than ever!

Jack LaLanne: More incredible & inspiring than ever!He is a speaker, author, inventor and, indisputably, American’s premier physical fitness expert. Born in 1914, Jack LaLanne has been spreading his important message of health & fitness and inspiring people of all ages and backgrounds, around the world, for almost a century. Today, at nearly 94 years of age, LaLanne shows no sign of slowing down, but is more active and passionate then ever. In addition to working out every day, both he and his wife, Elaine – whom he adores, are running a successful company (BeFit Enterprises), speaking publicly, authoring new books and much more. All those concerned with health & fitness seek Jack’s expertise and input, but, according to this incredibly energetic and innovative icon, often called the “Godfather of Fitness,” this wasn’t always the case.

Pick Up the WeightOne of the most important components of any exercise or weight-loss program is resistance training. Resistance/strength training involves performing specific exercises, using either machines or free weights, to help improve muscle strength and endurance. Most weightloss seekers tend to ignore strength training and devote the majority of their training to cardiovascular exercise.

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